Aurora Sentinal Endorses Sue Sandstrom
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Endorsements: Arapahoe County offices – Walcher, Jackson, Sharpe, Sakdol and Sandtrom
These often little known offices quietly make sure that criminals get locked up, taxes get paid, properties get fairly valued, that your vote is easy to make, and it counts. County commissioners actually operate most counties, but they also set policies that either complement Aurora’s grand plans, or push up against them.
Because that’s the case, many of those responsible for keeping the counties on track should be returned to keep up the good work.
County Treasurer Sue Sandstrom has made good on her campaign promises four years ago to keep the office accountable and its dealings transparent. Voters are asked to return her for another term to increase the information she provides to taxpayers about tax collections and county finances. Sandstrom is running against Democrat Doug Milliken.

Others who endorse Sue Sandstrom to continue as Arapaphoe County Commissioner

Mayor Steve Hogan - Aurora
Mayor Cathy Noon - Centennial
Mayor Ron Rakowsky - Greenwood Village
Treasurer Tim Kaufman - Jefferson County
Treasurer Diane Holbert - Douglas County
Treasurer Brigitte Grimm - Adams County
Aurora City Council Members - Bob Broom
Bob LeGare
Marsha Berzins
Sally Mounier
Brad Pierce
Barb Cleland
Bob Roth