As a CPA, small business owner and Elected Official
has the necessary Financial Experiance and Proven Leadership to:

  • Provide cost effective and efficient office management
  • Maximize investment returns on taxpayer funds while minimizing risk
  • Assure fiscal responsibility
  • Support expanded customer service
  • Provide experienced oversight of the Arapahoe County Retirement Fund

Integrity, Accountability and Transparency

Dear Arapahoe County Voter,

The Arapahoe County Treasurer is responsible for the collection, investment and disbursement of more than $2 billion of your property taxes each year. This responsibility requires a high level of financial and managerial expertise. Some of my relevant experience includes:

  • Certified Public Accountant for nearly 39 years
  • Small business owner for over 24 years
  • Aurora City Council member for 7 years
  • Aurora Mayor Pro Tem 2006
  • Board member of several large pension plans
  • Member of the City of Aurora investment committee
  • Board member of the Fitzsimmons Redevelopment Authority, including the finance committee
  • Board member of the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
  • A member and supporter of many more civic and charitable organizations

I am clearly qualified to serve as the next Arapahoe County Treasurer.

However, there is much more to being an elected official than just being qualified or simply “getting the job done.” An incumbent officeholder can always point to “accomplishments.” That is their job! That is what you should expect! But taxpayers deserve a deeper level of commitment and an adherence to higher standards from the people they elect to manage their essential governmental functions. All citizens should have confidence that the public’s business is being conducted with integrity, accountability and transparency.

Conducting business with maximum integrity is essential to earning and maintaining the taxpayers’ trust. The taxpayers of Arapahoe County deserve better than what they have had for the last four years. Unlike the current treasurer, I have never declared bankruptcy or allowed my home to go into foreclosure while making thousands of dollars in contributions to a political campaign. See the report at Unlike the current treasurer, I would never consider putting my campaign manager on the County payroll, paying him with your tax dollars. Attempting to repay political favors with County contracts is wrong and would not take place under my leadership.

Being accountable requires personally answering to the voters who elected you to office. Reports by numerous employees in the County administration building, which have been substantiated by local television reporters, have found the treasurer frequently spends his business day somewhere other than in his office. See the report at Citizens are seldom able to “drop by” to meet with their elected official. A major upgrade of the assessor/treasurer computer systems is underway in Arapahoe County, in conjunction with Jefferson County, Broomfield County and Denver. Although this project has been ongoing for nearly two years, and meetings with all the elected officials involved are held regularly, the Arapahoe County Treasurer has yet to attend a meeting. The job he was elected to do is being left to others, at taxpayers’ expense, while he continues to collect his taxpayer-provided salary and benefits.

As the owner of a CPA firm, I have been accountable to well over two hundred clients. As an Aurora City Council member, I have answered to my 50,000 constituents and was reelected overwhelmingly in 2007. I have demonstrated that I understand the importance of accountability.

From July 2009 to May 2010, for nearly a full year, the treasurer’s website was not updated to reflect the monthly investment portfolio. Citizens had no way of knowing how nearly $200 million of their tax dollars were being invested. Was this an oversight? Is the taxpayer’s right to transparency simply not important to the current treasurer? Such an oversight will never happen if I am elected the Arapahoe County Treasurer.

The voters of Arapahoe County have a clear choice to make in this election. The time has come to restore integrity, accountability and transparency to the important office of Arapahoe County Treasurer. As a mother and a grandmother, I care deeply about our future. I have high expectations of our elected officials. You should, too.

Sue Sandstrom